Today's healthcare transformation requires innovative, leading edge ideas that radically reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.  Now is the time to apply new, proven processes and methodologies to control the rising cost of patient care and position your organization for financial success.

At Blue Thorn Inc. we combine medical expertise, pharmaceutical experience, and a business and military background to assist corporations, healthcare institutions, provider groups, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies to develop new solutions to create a sustainable US healthcare system with viable new policy and business models.  With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Terry A. McInnis, Founder and President, is a sought after consultant to industry leaders, corporate executives, legislators and government agencies to identify improved methods of coordinating and integrating systems.  Dr. McInnis is a nationally recognized key thought leader and speaker, redefining healthcare.

Take a few minutes to browse this site and learn more about Dr. McInnis.  You are encouraged to contact her to discuss your organization's requirements and opportunities to redefine and improve healthcare for today and tomorrow.